Message from the President

MReed HeadshotTwo of the most important messages I heard in 2016 were simple four word phrases that came from chapter leaders of NAAAHR. “We should lift as we climb”, Alvin Hill, NAAAHR Milwaukee President.  “We serve, we do not sit”, Toni Howard Lowe, NAAAHR Dallas President. Hearing both messages penetrated my spirit deeply and confirmed a desire in which I felt it was time to activate myself as a community leader and activists.  After digesting both messages, I knew right away I had found purpose and passion. I could relax my heart knowing I would be a part of an organization that has a solid mission and strategic focus.  I would like to thank those who served before me and paved a path in Tampa by putting in the diligent effort to build an infrastructure in which I can now carry the baton and legacy to the next level.  I am excited to serve our community, our board, and most important our members.

With a strategic vision and sharp tactical approach we can and will move NAAAHR Tampa Bay forward together.  We will work hard to achieve increase in four main areas: sponsorship, membership, partnership, and community outreach.  We will seek opportunities to serve our community through volunteerism. We share our collective human resource knowledge and experiences with as many as we can.

During my tenure as President I hope to not only touch lives but change more than a few.  I have committed as an individual to be fully engaged and ask each of you to join in the mission of 2017 “NAAAHR Tampa Bay Fully Engaged.” I look forward to building relationships in the community, gaining your trust and confidence.  I pledge to be an advocate and a viable resource. I will serve with pride, lead with dignity, respect, commitment and integrity. I welcome you to join me on the journey and let’s fully engage on a path to influence great change in our great city.

Milicent Reed MBA, CSSGB

NAAAHR-Tampa Bay Chapter President